Tentmakers should prepare well for what is undoubtedly going to be the most challenging job they have ever done.

They need to have a healthy relationship with their home and sending church. This relationship is not optional.

They need specific, practical and targeted training.

Professional people don’t usually have the luxury of attending years of theological or missiological training, but they should get targeted & practical advice before going.

What you should know

  • Biblical basis of tentmaking & work
  • Cross cultural preparation
  • How to find an international job
  • Working in sensitive areas
  • Principle of tolerable risk
  • Spiritual challenges
  • Sharing your faith at work
  • Hospitality as ministry
  • Starting a Bible study in your home
  • Making disciples that make disciples
  • House church planting
  • Teams that work
  • Tentmakers and their churches
  • The preparation process

Tentmakers should prepare well for what is undoubtedly going to be the most challenging job they have ever done.geob

A sample outline of the GO Equipped! Tentmaking Course
4.5 Days – 31 Lessons










On our way home we were talking that if this course does not result in action in our daily lives to integrate our faith, then there is no hope for us.

Intentionally making unbelieving friends is what we will do when we move overseas.

Expected practical advice for missions, it was much more than that. Lots of new ideas on what I can apply for everyday life, hoping to  pass it on to others.

Good course! Met my expectations. Am at peace in the knowledge I can do this at home and abroad. Looking forward to doing this in our home city, trusting the Lord will continue to work with us.

Coming to the course will reenergize your faith walk and give you ideas that you can begin putting into effect now, and guide you in what to consider for the future.  It is the most practical and efficient model of missions that can be implemented right away.  I would encourage those with an interest in missions to come and check it out.  It is worth the time and effort. – Pharmacist

“Let us now go and implement what we have learned. We are equipped and have no reason to not go. For those of you who will not go, pray for those who do” – Pastor from Kenya

“We will be training and sending the first tentmakers from our country with the help of this course” – Mission leader

I was surprised at how empowered I felt as I shared the biblical premise for tentmaking and the beauty of following the Apostle Paul in his example of missions in my small group.  I truly believe this is an approach to missions that we need to promote broadly and influence a younger generation to prayerfully consider serving God in this manner.

As I searched the internet for tentmaking training, I kept running into your course and instructors. At the course I was impressed by the teachers and their creative use of power point. It was definitely not “death by power point”. I was able to absorb much more due to the effectiveness of the presentation styles and handouts. Sorry for sounding so clinical, but as someone in the presentation field, this made an impact on me. I will be promoting this course for you!

We can’t thank you enough for the blessed time we spend together as a group of friends and believers. I don’t think we have ever felt so blessed taking a course.   J&H

We need this teaching in Uganda. Thank you for helping me bring it there          T.K.

Our local church which I Pastor in Pretoria, South Africa is no longer the same after my training in Florida early this year. Almost everyone in the church has seen the urgency for soul winning. Because we have motivated them to be TENTMAKERS they know that it is their responsibility to go into their work places and neighbourhood to win souls to the Lord. Thank you for helping us with the training.

—Sammy Musepa, pastor in South Africa and leader of a network of churches extending up into Zambia where he was born.

There may be obstacles that seemingly guarantee failure. God finds another way. God links us up with opportunities suited for us. Hospitality can be exhausting. Don’t go with the idea of evangelizing everyone but with the idea of finding the one or two or three that God has prepared who will reach their people and plant house churches. The goal is not to start a large, centralized, formal church but a series of small house churches. Leaders will be trained through discipleship, not by being sent away for years to a formal institution. Seeker Bible studies are central. It is important to have a good relationship with your home church and to keep them well informed. God wants to bless countries, not just evangelize. Be ready with an answer when people ask me what I believe.     J.S.

I was able to concentrate even though the days were long because the teaching was so well done and presentations kept us focused. The mix of teaching styles made it easy to follow the course.  It looks like the course designers had thought of everything. I am making a commitment to start living differently here at home by making my faith an integral part of my everyday life.

We missed the last ferry, then our hotel reservations were cancelled in Victoria, then there was no vacancy at any other hotels. We were ready to go home, and then God stepped in and gave us free housing right beside the venue. The enemy tried his hardest to discourage us and make us leave, but God had so much for us at this course and we now feel confident of His leading to the nations.

Not only did this course help me plan for going as a tentmaker, it also gave me practical advice on how to start being active with sharing my faith here at home while I finish my studies. On my way home from the course, I shared my faith with a seeker for the first time in my life.

Our experience at the GO Equipped course was so powerful and helpful in helping us understand God’s direction for us. We have begun working our way through the course CD. There is so much on there, and I know it will be very helpful.

Mr & Mrs. H – Alabama USA

Oh my friend!!! How can I express my gratitude for the exceptional program you offered me! Thank you indeed! I told my former “boss” that this course was one of the best programs for training missionaries I have participated in. And I thank you for that. Please pass my gratitude to all the teachers.

Mission leader USA

I sat in class living one “wow” moment to another. Just when I thought it could not get any better, you upped the ante. I will be digesting what I heard for years to come.

We wish more people would know about the valuable service to His kingdom being built in the tough places through the ministry of Global Opportunities. We want to help spread the word.

The snow and cold did not manage to dampen our time together at this wonderful missions school in the forest. I was amazed to find participants from Moldova, Germany, Finland, Brazil, Italy, Norway and Canada!

Thank you for the way the material was so clearly presented and the way God spoke through each of the speakers. I would recommend this course as a “must take” for any missions, just like the Perspectives program should be.

We have been working overseas for over 10 years, but only after taking this course do we see ourselves as tentmakers. Look forward to what God will do through our work and ministry.

This is one of the better missions courses our church has been able to host in a long time. Welcome back!

Host church staff – Dallas

The course in Victoria was very significant for us. What we learned gave fodder to our understanding about tentmaking. We also enjoyed meeting new “co-laborers.” As a result of this experience, we returned home with a greater sense of urgency and are now more intentional about pursuing tentmaking opportunities as God calls us.
D. O.

“The teaching at this course was very practical – not just nice words.”

“Not only did this course prepare us well for a future as tentmakers, it also gave us a vision to start reaching out to people at work right here at home. We are committed to starting a bible study in our neighborhood to reach the un-churched.

Mr & Mrs. J

“This course has made it clear for me that I do not wish to be sitting at an inner healing seminar when Jesus returns. I need to be out there among the unreached doing my part in the great commission while working at my job”

Mr. Ø.

“First we attended a seminar where God confirmed His call to us. Then we came to the course where we not only received further training but got to meet other prospective tentmakers as well. In 4 days we became family. What a blessing!


“When I came to the course in Bergen, I had great expectations. You did not let me down”

M.N. – Missionary  Norway

“I am so thankful that I had the time to prepare with LTN. It has been a tremendous resource to me. I brought my notebook with me and have shared it with several other people here. Anyway. I wanted to just let you know how thankful I am for what you have done. Thank you for serving and studying. Thank you for putting together LTN. I truly appreciate it.”

“Ms. Wu”
Tentmaker in China

I have learned ministry skills – I am so happy. I loved the teaching on fishing evangelism, very freeing and guilt-free. Tremendous resources.


“Thank you Global Opportunities for this invaluable course! We are now serving as tentmakers in an unreached country. Truly, there is no other course out there that is specifically designed by and for tentmakers”

“Mr & Mrs. Zee”

“I enjoyed learning about tentmaking and being among likeminded people. Where else will you find a group who shares such a passion for tentmaking? ”

“Mr. T”

The teaching was invaluable!! I’m so excited and motivated, not only for tentmaking, but for reaching the church for missions in the meantime!

Mary H